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JUNE 2020

It’s been heartbreaking to watch the news coming out of the US in the last two weeks and really over the last few years. CBC host Nana aba Duncan, a past speaker at one of Tamil Women Rising’s events, on her weekend CBC Radio show Fresh Air, mentioned that "Seeing news like this can break you". She went on to say that, "It's hard to explain but it has something to do with knowing that your humanity is somehow considered less than the humanity of others." 


As we watch one incident after another unfold through the coverage by media, we cannot help but wonder about all the other cases that occur when there are no cameras. Does injustice have to go viral on social media for there to be accountability and for everyone to call for action? How many more people must suffer before we address anti-Black racism and systemic discrimination? What happens when the media attention wanes? 


A founding principle of Tamil Women Rising has been that we rise by lifting others. We believe that we are all in a network of mutuality. The only way we can address discrimination in modern times is by taking action to be meaningful allies and by sharing in each others' moments of pain and glory. 


We have been listening, learning and we don't have all the answers, and we won't always get it right but we continue to be committed to being a catalyst for positive change and denouncing all forms of racism.


Nana aba concluded her message with "so what can you do? You just check in, you send those messages, you make those phone calls and you ask the question, "Are you okay?"


To our friends and allies, we see you, hear you and stand with you.


Step Up. Stand Up. Donate. Learn. Unlearn. Educate.

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